The death of email marketing?

With people checking their emails 15 times a day 1, email marketing is still an effective way to get in front of your customers. As an extremely cost-effective marketing tool, email is more effective today than it has ever been.

So why do we so often hear that email marketing is dead? This comes from those that don't know how to get it right! Used correctly, email marketing can still allow your business to connect with its audience.

Getting email marketing right

It may sound obvious, but the key to an effective email marketing campaign is getting your message read. Obvious, yes, but often overlooked. The top steps you can take to make sure that your emails are reaching your audience are:

1. Making sure that your email list is up to date and relevant

One easy step to ensure that this is the case is to make sure that your emails are easy to opt-out of. If you are targeting people that are no longer interested in your offerings, this is a waste of time and resources.

2. Ensuring that your email content reads well and that it looks good

Your subject line matters here. This needs to be something that is going to make people want to open your email, and once they do, the content needs to be relevant and to keep them engaged. There are tools available to ensure that your emails are looking good, too. Adding shapes, emojis (if appropriate), and relevant images can make your email look enticing and keep people reading.

3. Ensuring that you stay out of junk folders

If your email lands in someone's junk folder, the chances are that it is not going to be read. There are tools available that will give you a 'spam score' so before you send your email, you know the chances of it actually hitting someone's inbox. Avoiding spam and phishing phrases will significantly increase your success.

Email marketing is still an effective tool and one that can bring incredible results. If you need help and support to achieve the best results through email, why not get in touch and see how we can help? (https://tldrcorp.com/email-marketing/)


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