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Cost-effective marketing 101: what is the buyer’s journey?

The Buyer’s Journey is the decision-making process that your prospective customers go through before they decide to buy your product or service. Consisting of three stages, Awareness, Consideration and Decision, the Buyer’s Journey is a vital psychological principle to understand in order to ensure the success of your business or organisation.

Working in accordance with each stage of the Buyer’s Journey is the key to making sales, growing those sales reliably, and keeping your marketing cost-effective by making sure it’s properly targeted. Let’s take a closer look at these three stages of the Buyer’s Journey below.

Stages of The Buyer’s Journey

Stage 1: Awareness

To start off the Buyer’s Journey, your prospective customer is experiencing the first signs of a problem they need to solve. (This problem could be as simple as the need to get in shape, or as complex as navigating new industry legislation.) But right now their problem is still unclear, and so they may be searching online for more general content including “signs of” or “do I need to”. They may begin asking around to more clearly understand their needs and to gather educational information. The end result of the Awareness Stage is that your prospective customer has defined their problem to solve.

Stage 2: Consideration

Kicking off the Consideration stage of the Buyer’s Journey, a prospective customer now understands their problem more clearly and can give it a specific name. Now they become more committed to learning about their problem in detail, and the ways that they can solve it. They may begin searching online for more specific content beginning with “how to” or “10 steps to achieve”, for example. During the Consideration stage, your prospect is weighing up various ideas and looking for the best approach or strategy to solve the problem they’ve defined.

Stage 3: Decision

In the final stage of the Buyer’s Journey, a prospective customer has chosen their preferred method of solving their problem. Now they’re looking for specific products, brands, businesses or organisations to provide the solution. They’ll put together a long list of who can solve the problem for them, and then narrow this down to a shortlist of those they like and trust enough to purchase from. They may search online for a brand, provider or organisation in their area with great user reviews, or else decide on a trusted and popular solution from further afield.

So, that’s the Buyer’s Journey in a nutshell! This is really just a quick overview, as there are many more detailed parts to the Buyer’s Journey that a digital marketing agency will know expertly. And speaking of digital marketing agencies, you’re looking at one!

If you’re searching for ways to really engage with your prospects, and send your sales figures rocketing through the roof, then we’d love to help you put a rock-solid digital marketing strategy in place. Just click right here to get in touch, or book your free consultation today!

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