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90-day Content Takeover

Coming up with content regularly is tough.
We know because we do this for our clients all the time.

- You will need hours to do a proper topic research
- More hours for SEO competitive analysis
- Finally getting into the writing mode and checking if the grammar is flawless
- Some more hours to Photoshop good accompanying image
- Then post these every day or set it up on a scheduler software

Unless your business is content generation, it won't make sense to spend a few days to produce content for the week.
In Insane Productivity by Darren Hardy (author of The Compound Effect), he mentioned that the best way to spend your time in your business it to spend it on the vital business owner's tasks in a business.

CEO, Entrepreneur, Creator of Valuetainment Patrick Bet-David was also keen to point out in his videos that there are tasks in a business that only the business owner can be most impactful on.

Unless the business owner can focus on those, he won't have enough energy and mental capacity to make the best decisions for his business.

SO... what if we can produce your posts and articles for you based on your previous work, the books you read, the videos you love, the thought leaders you follow?
We do this through our new program
90-day Content Takeover
In the program, we will:

1) Come up with a content strategy with you. Based on your business goals, we will identify what part of the funnel would benefit the most from building content around.. This way we can make sure that the efforts are directed to where these would be most impactful.

2) We research thoroughly on the topics and themes to produce content around.

3) We produce your images, articles and social media captions

4) We manage posting of content to make sure we optimize for reach and engagement

P.S. If you want, we can do an NDA so no one will know you're working with us!
As you can see...
we're not trying to trick you to feel that you need this immediately
because we won't know that unless you talk to us about your business.
But it is an industry best-practice to get into inbound marketing through content as soon as you want to get inbound leads that are most willing to buy from you. The process usually takes longer time but this is agreed to be the best way to be relevant to your audiences because you give valuable content to them in every stage of their buying journey.

Your audiences will appreciate you because you get to answer their questions and concerns through your content. If done regularly and consistently, your audiences will see you as a thought leader that's relevant to them, and whose opinion they deeply value.

So BOOK A CALL with us, we know we know if this can help you

Consultation-first Approach

Not everything is made to be a perfect match. And this is why we are dead set to hop on a meeting with you (or a call). Agencies that do not ask you about your goals and desired outcomes set you up, at best, to short-lived successes. We choose to align our efforts to tactics that get you the results that really matter. Outcomes based (not efforts based) work sets you up for higher success rates, and strategic thinking prepares you for your medium-to-long-term growth.

And, if it after the onboarding call we both agree that we're not the right fit, I'll direct you to the right service, the right people, or send you FREE resources that would help you.

No downside. Infinite upside. See you inside!
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